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The Lenoir City Fire Department is composed of two executive officers Chief Richard Martin and Deputy Chief Tony Brock and Seventeen full time firefighters. Fourteen part time firefighters fill in shifts that come open due to vacation or sickness and assist in fire suppression activities.

Equipment used by the Lenoir City Fire Department include a 2000 E-One custom spec 1500 g.p.m rescue engine , a 1994 Pierce 1250 g.p.m. engine, a 1994 Pierce 1500 g.p.m. 75 foot aerial, a 1977 4x4 Dodge with an American LaFrance body used as a squad truck, a 1972 Mack 1000 g.p.m. engine and as a reserve engine a 1952 American LaFrance 1000 g.p.m. engine.

Our total departmental calls per year average 1200 calls, approximately sixty percent are in the form of emergency medical calls where we provide first responder skills to the patient until Rural Metro ambulances are on the scene. The remainder of the calls are split between public assists, structure fires, vehicle fires and wash downs.

The Lenoir City Fire Department offers safety programs at each station and to organizations year round. Contact the station to schedule an appointment. We provide fire safety talks and demonstrations during Fire Safety Week at Lenoir City schools.


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Lenoir City Fire Department

P.O. Box 445

Lenoir City, TN


To contact us:

Station One: 865-986-9418

Station Two: 865-986-4212

Station One Fax: 865-986-0123

Station Two Fax: 865-986-4553

E-mail: Lee210@lenoircityfd.com

When duty call's me, oh Lord, Wherever Flames may rage, Give me the strength to save some life Whatever Be its age.


Help me embrace a little child Before it is too late Or save an older person from The horror of that fate


Enable me to be alert, and oh Lord, guide my every move, for life is so precious, please don't let us loose.


I want to fill my calling and To give the best in me To guard my every neighbor And protect their property.


And if according to thy will, That I must give my life, Then with thy protecting hand my Lord, I pray thee, protect my children and my wife.


†††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††† Amen

Firemanís Prayer